The founders of the first Seventh-day Adventist school in Zanesville were Pastor and Mrs. Clarence Redfield.  At that time, the school was located on the Redfield Farm, one mile north of the city limits on Linden Avenue.  The school began in 1892, with Miss Florence Hartsock as the first teacher.

Around the year 1928, the church school was moved to the corner of Larzelere and Indiana Streets.  The school was located at the rear of the Adventist church there, but unfortunately closed in 1930.

In 1948, church member Fred Powell felt that because there were many boys and girls at the church, it was time to provide an Adventist school for them.  After making many contacts locally and with the Ohio Conference Education Department, the school reopened on the corner of Larzelere and Indiana.

The school kept growing and it was felt that more room was needed and that there should be an increase to two full-time teachers.  In 1959, this vision became a reality when the school wing of the Zanesville Church’s new location on Taylor Street was finished.  The school ran from 1959 until 1966, when it closed due to low enrollment.

In 1974, with a renewed demand and determination, the school again opened with two teachers. 

Today, the Zanesville Adventist School continues to be dedicated to the Christian education of boys and girls, serving both children from the Adventist church and from the local community.

We are immensely grateful for the dedication and support that our sponsor church and its members have given over these many years.