Features of Us





Christian Education

An important aspect of our education is the work of preparing students to live a happy Christian life. Helping the children to develop such character traits as kindness, teamwork, and love is core to the mission of our school.

If you seek the value of a caring, Christian environment with dedicated teachers, a family atmosphere, and high standards, then this is the school for you and your child! 

Quality Education

We believe that we offer a quality educational environment for young people. With a lower student-teacher ratio, children are able to develop as fully and completely as possible in all areas of their lives. Small schools provide the opportunity for the teacher to know a student's ability and the way he or she thinks. Each child is viewed as an individual who may work at different levels in various subjects. In a small school, there is also the opportunity for a closer working relationship and greater communication between teachers and parents.


About 50% of the expense of school operation comes from student tuition. The other funding is provided through the generous donations from the sponsor Church and other kind individuals who believe in the merits of Christian education. If you are interested in sponsoring a child so they may obtain a Christian education, please contact us.